2006-08-23 15:58

The medical Team

One of the most important teams in this race is the medical team. They have been all around the course assisting the racers in every possible way. Their last two days have been busy, with a lot of sore feets.


The Medical Team   Photo: Magnus Stenman 

Racers that finished yesterday, or the day before that, have visited the crew for assistance and treatment during the day.

Josefina from TietoEnator gets treatment from the Medical Team   Photo: Magnus Stenman 

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Dates   August 16-23, 2006
Time   7 days non-stop racing
Shake down   Hemavan-Tärnaby
Destination   Lapland, Sweden & Nordland, Norway
Teams   40 mixed teams of four
Distance   800 km
Max altitude   1.900 m
Min altitude   -5 m
Elev. gain   15,000 m
Sections   24