Who are the organizers behind AR World Championship 2006 Sweden/Norway?


Race Directors

Mikael Nordström and Helena Lind

This couple have organised races in Sweden during the past six years. It all started with races that were held in the High Coast region where Mikael and Helena live. These races attracted teams from all of Scandinavia.

In 2004 they came up with a brand new idea, they created the first Airborne Expedition Adventure Race ever. Teams from around the world came to participate in this new adventure race. During four days and nights the teams raced non-stop at three destination around Sweden where the finish line of each section was at the airport. They had to make the plane in time!

At this time Explore Sweden also became a member of the AR WorldSeries. In 2005 Explore Sweden was held in the ski resort of Kittelfjäll. This time the race was not airborne but instead it had a lot of snow.

Both Mikael and Helena race in Adventure Races themselves. Mikael is the team-captain for Team Halti.

Mikael and Helena are hugely enthusiastic about organising the 2006 Adventure Racing World Championship in Sweden/Norway.



Creative Director

Peder Sundström

Sundstroem ImageWorks

Photographer and designer since about 10 years back. Has worked with the Organization race directors Mikael and Helena since the very start in -99.

Has been capturing the sport of Adventure Racing since -97 all around the world, for various international magazines, books, teamsponsors and as staff photographer at many races. Now looking forward to the magnificent light that will sorround the ARWC in Sweden/Norway.

- "It doesn´t get more beatiful than this."


IT Director

Magnus Stenman

Magnus has been working in the IT industry for 10 years, and currently works for Cybercom at Sony Ericsson. He has worked with the organization and been resposible for the technical design, production and maintenance of the web sites since 2003.

He's a Linux hacker who does not get to spend as much time out in the bush as he'd like.

-" It's a perfect excuse to take a couple of weeks off and just enjoy the wondeful nature of northern Sweden"


Medical Director

Dr Per Liljeholm

Dr Per Liljeholm, 35 years. Spec. in Orthopaedic surgery. Currently working at the Sports Medicine Dept. at Umeå University Hospital.

As a doctor worked with adventureracing/multisport since -99. Ex; Explore Sweden -04, -05.

Other merits; Doctor at MTB World Champs Åre Sweden, several alpine World Cup events. In charge of the Swedish Alpine Ski Team. Competed in athletics (800m) at national elite level. These days mostly shorter multisport races.


Logistics Director

Andreas Mets

Andreas, 29 has a background in Sales and Marketing. His previous job was with the pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca, representing cardiovascular medicine.

Prior to that he studied economics at University. During his studies he spent one semester with his girlfriend Marie in New Zealand. Due to the number of excellent outdoor experiences available in the country, they extended their stay by 6 months.

For the last 12 months Andreas has been training through the Outdoor Academy covering kayaking, climbing and skiing leadership. Both Andreas and Marie are currently focusing on making outdoor adventures not just an interest but a career and a lifestyle.

During the race, Andreas is responsible for the coordination of volunteers and racers equipment moving between the Transition Areas on an 800 km race course covering diverse and challenging terrain in Sweden and Norway.


Ceremony Director

Maria Winka

28 years young, single, with a large family. For the time being she lives in Örnsköldsvik were she attends a two year long education called "Tourism entrepreneur" on the Tourism academy.

Almost all her life she has lived in a small village called Tärnaby, in the north of Sweden. She likes to travel, learn about new cultures, meet new people; it is probably the nomad in her that shows.

Maria has a great interest in sports, in her background lies a carreer in alpine skiing, from childhood until she was 24 years old.

I'm looking forward to help create Word Championship in my home environment.


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Dates   August 16-23, 2006
Time   7 days non-stop racing
Shake down   Hemavan-Tärnaby
Destination   Lapland, Sweden & Nordland, Norway
Teams   40 mixed teams of four
Distance   800 km
Max altitude   1.900 m
Min altitude   -5 m
Elev. gain   15,000 m
Sections   24